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What we learn with pleasure we never forget – Alfred Mercier

On the surface, wine appears to be a complicated subject matter. Multiple grape varieties, regions, styles, vintages and producers may make it seem as though you need a PhD before you can even enjoy a simple glass of wine! However from a sensory perspective, there is no difference between understanding food and understanding wine, especially if you consider wine to be similar to a sauce.

The most important point is to drink what you enjoy and keep experimenting. It’s quite normal for us all to like different things – this is what makes us humans. You will find that as your understanding of wine grows, the wine that you choose will change depending on the people you are with, the food you are eating, your mood and where you are.

The second key point is that the most expensive wine on the list is not necessary the best wine on the list and often there is a hidden gem that is considerably cheaper.

Another key point is to share your experiences and learn from others. You can join a club or even form one yourself amongst friends. Find an esteemed wine expert whose tastes are similar to yours and try the wines that they recommend. Or you can attend wine classes or tastings to learn in a more formal scenario.

To me, wine is a simple pleasure to be enjoyed with a delicious meal over good conversation.

Wine is my way of life.

Nikki Palun